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Wax Beads - Lime

Wax Beads - Lime

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100 x Wax Melt Beads - Lime
Pretty in contrast, on a pink envelope or a white, green or neutral envelope.
Use 3-4 wax melt beads for each wax seal (25mm stamp).
Please read our safety instructions before purchase.

How to create wax seals 
1. Place 3 beads into your spoon - this will create one seal.
2. Slowly melt these over your furnace until liquid.
3. Pour either directly onto your stationery or baking paper.
4. Optional, sprinkle foil flakes onto wax.
5. Place your stamp into melted wax and leave until set.
6. Chill stamp in iced water or on an icepack before next seal.
7. To clean your spoon, wipe with paper towel to remove all wax residue. 
Be careful as the spoon will still be very hot!
8. Rinse under warm water.

Warning to prevent fire and serious injury: 
Keep Wax Melt Furnace and Wax Beads out of reach from children and pets. Do not touch the copper plate of the burner during use. It becomes very hot while conducting heat to melt the beads. Handle your wax spoon by the wood. Metal will become very hot with conduction. Never leave the Wax Melt Furnace unattended or near anything that can catch fire.