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CO-VID19 Update for Smitten With Love

Unfortunately due to CO-VID19, New Zealand will go into lockdown at 11.59pm the 25th of March 2020 for the next four weeks.

What does this mean?

In light of the lockdown...

WE ARE ABLE to quote, design, and communicate over email. We will be working from our home studio and have access to computers, files and emails.

🚫 WE ARE NOT ABLE to print or courier items out.

🌟 We will continue to post photos on social media - your interaction is much appreciated - not just for us, but for all small businesses! Your support, likes and comments are very much appreciated.

If everyone is able to do what they can to avoid contact and remain in isolation, the faster we can all get back to normal, so we appreciate your consideration and efforts during this time.

Please take care, stay safe and love one another (even if it has to be from a distance x)