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What to do about missing RSVPs - MIA RSVPs

Bizarre isn't it, I bet you didn't expect this one, MIA wedding RSVPs.

While we 100% agree with you, not replying on time or completely forgetting to rsvp to a wedding (frankly any invitation) is V. rude - it does happen. So how and what do you do?

  1. Move Quickly
    Don't let too much time lapse from your original rsvp date - we suggest only a few days. You don't want to be under pressure and you don't want to be budgeting for people who just aren't coming.

  2. Send A Message
    Send a message on facebook messenger or somewhere you can see that your message has been seen. Some emailing services let you know when emails have been opened. This is great if you have a large number of no responses. Don't know what to write? Here's one we prepared earlier. 
    Missing rsvps for your wedding and what to do about it. Smitten With love wedding stationery

    If they still leave you on 'read' after 24 hours, then it's time to axe these guests. If they haven't yet seen your message, or you're not confident they received your email, please skip to step 4. Here's one of those prepared earlier templates you're welcome to borrow. 
    Smitten With Love wedding stationery missing rsvps what to do

  3. Different Contact Method
    If they haven't seen your message after 24 hours and you have their phone number, call them. Or if it's not too out of your way, visit them in person. This should tie up any loose ends.

  4. Celebrate
    Finally pour yourself a glass of your favourite, or crack into some delicious treat because after you tick off rsvps on the to do list, you deserve it.

    We hope this helps! Happy wedding planning.
    Much love,
    Founder and Creative Director