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Wedding Stationery Printing Methods

Foil pressed, debossed, embossed, letterpress or digital print, we use these beautiful printing processes to produce our boutique Smitten With Love Collections. Each design offers a variety of these printing methods to craft a fusion of exquisite, romantic and contemporary paper goods, individual to each and every couple and their budget.

Your selection of printing method and chosen design is the first tactile embodiment of your big day to come. Whether you wish to express a more formal event, a modern or minimal aesthetic or a chosen colour or theme.


What does it look like?
Digital Printing is available in a large range of colours, it gives great colour and consistency. Pictured below is our Darling invitation printed digitally in Wine on Via Felt card stock.

How is it created?
It is essentially the transfer of toner and ink to paper through a laser or inkjet printer, without any specialty printing required.

Darling Invitation Smitten With Love

FOIL PRESS (also know as foil stamping)

What does it look like?
Foil Pressing is available in a large variety of colours, not just gold and silver. The application of foiling the design to the card stock often gives a lovely soft indentation also. The result is a metallic design that catches the light. Pictured is our Aureate invitation with a gold foil pressed illustration on Rives Tradition card stock.

How is it created?
Foil Press is an old school printing technique - one that we are very fond of! To be able to produce a foil pressed design, a magnesium plate has to be custom made with the specific design etched into it. This plate is then used to apply the foil firmly onto the card stocks surface.

Aureate Wedding Invitation Printed in Gold Foil Press. Smitten With Love


What does it look like?
Foil toner has a very similar appearance to foil press but works only on smooth card stocks. Pictured our Lunar Invitation in gold foil toner on smooth card stock.

How is it created?
The design is printed digitally using toner, the foil then attaches itself to these areas when subjected to heat.

Lunar Invitation Smitten With Love Gold Foil


What does it look like?
A subtle and minimal appearance on the cards surface. A change in texture as the illustration recedes into the card stocks surface. Pictured our Olive Grove invitation in deboss on Crane card stock.

How is it created?
Like foil pressing, debossing also requires a custom made magnesium plate. The plate is then pressed blindly into the card stock, creating a beautiful indented impression below the cards surface. 

Olive Grove Invitation Debossed Smitten With Love


What does it look like?
A raised design on the surface of the card stock. A change of texture as the design stands out in relief. Pictured below is our Ruby invitation with our hand drawn magnolia illustration embossed.

How is it created?
The use of a custom magnesium plate is also used to press the design so much into the design it is left raised.

Ruby Wedding Invitation. Smitten With Love


What does it look like?
Thick white ink applied onto dark rich card stocks to create beautiful contrast and clean design. Pictured below our Starlight design, featuring white ink on black card stock.

How is it created?
A specialty white ink is loaded into the inkjet printer to be printed digitally.

Starlight Invitation Smitten With Love


We are yet to use letterpress in our designs, but if you're interested in letterpress we do have this available. Email to enquire.

What does it look like?
A heavy impression pressed into a soft but thick card stock. Often used for one or two coloured designs.

How is it created?
Each colour is hand mixed using Pantone colours, each colour requires its own plate to be applied one by one through the printing press. This is quite a time intensive process, but creates a very beautiful result. 

If you have any further questions please use our live chat or send us an email.

Much love,
Kim x
Creative Director & Founder
Smitten With Love