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Vow Writing Tips With Lucy From Christchurch Weddings

With the introduction of our flirty and woo-worthy Vow Books this month, it was time to talk about actually writing your wedding vows. What to write and how to even get started. Here's your very first hot tip, do not leave your vow writing until the very last minute.

Lucy from Christchurch Weddings and also the creator of 'Words From the Heart' vow planner kindly offered to provide some of her expertise on the subject.

    Lucy Christchurch Weddings

    Your wedding day is one-of-a-kind and your vows can be too. You might go for short and sweet, or tell a story over a couple of minutes. You could even sing a song. Check with your celebrant first and as long as you have all the legal bits covered in your ceremony, you can do whatever you like!

    Whilst the words we speak during our vows are often full of promise and commitment, telling a little bit about your love story is the perfect way to show just how unique your relationship is. Whether you choose to tell that story through comedy, pure romance or simply for what it is will be completely up to you. One thing is certain though, these moments are the ones you and your wedding guests will cherish forever.

    Here’s some ideas to get you started:

    Vow starters:

    • The first time I saw you, I…

    • I’ll always…

    • Together, we’ll… We share…

    • Because of you, life is…

    Once you’ve finished these questions, you should have a source of material to create your wedding vows, find sentences and words that really resonate with you. If you need a little bit of a break, go for a nice walk or take a hot shower, these are great for resetting your mind. If you’re on a roll keep writing

    If you're interested in a special brainstorming tool for all things vows, check out Notes from the Heart. Notes from the Heart is a place to explore your love for your soul mate and to write down your feelings, thoughts and the promises you want to make on your wedding day. You’ll find little prompts and starters throughout to help you capture the essence of your love.

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