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Most Commonly Misspelled Wedding Invitation Words

Nothing makes our stomachs drop more than spotting a spelling or grammatical error slip through to wedding invitation or stationery printing. For this reason we've created our very own checklist to ensure these mistakes aren't made again and we're sharing it with you.

If you're writing your own invitations or working with another stationer here are a few of the most common errors we've come across over the years, so you can avoid them.

Believe me when we say our biggest pet peeve is the ACTUAL spelling of stationery. Stationery with an 'e'  for envelope, is for paper goods. Stationary with an 'a' is for something not moving, like a statue. Would you trust a stationer who spells their own product/service incorrectly?!

    Has 2 x 'C' and 'M' 

    Dessert for you menu has 2 x 'S', Desert is where the sand and camels live

    Don't forget the the 'F', often misspelt as twelth

    2 x 'R', NOT Febuary

    You're as in 'You are invited'

    Dressing for your salad

Other things to double check:

  • Correct wedding date?
  • Correct venue, address and spelling?
  • Are your names correct?
  • Are your guests names correct?
  • Are guest addresses correct?
  • Ceremony time correct?
  • Don't use abbreviated words (like Rd for Road)

Our top tip is to have at least two people proof your stationery before it goes to print, following that read your stationery backwards. It will help you spot mistakes you might have glanced over previously.

We hope this is helpful and wish you all the very best for happy proofing!

Much love,

Smitten With Love