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How To Write Your Wedding Vows

Handmade Vow Books

Our handmade Vow Books are a bit of a favourite ❣️

Writing your vows at the moment?
Here are 5 prompts for brainstorming, start here and revisit. This will help you get vow ideas and memories flowing that you can pull from.

♥ How did you know this is the person you wanted to spend your life with?
♥ How does your fiancé make you feel?
♥ What excites you about your future together?
♥ What does marriage mean to you?
♥ What about your partner inspires you 
♥ What goals and values do you share?
♥ What will you offer as a spouse?

Over the years we've proof read a number of vows for our clients, and our biggest takeaway...... don't forget to say "I love you".

If you're worried about the length of your vows let each other know a word count and try and try to meet in the middle.

Whatever you do, do not leave writing your vows until the last minute, and try to relax write how you feel and revisit it until you're happy with it ;)

Happy writing x

And if you're looking for something beautiful to treasure your special words, shop our Vow Books here 

These are also great for vow renewals and first wedding anniversaries, which happen to be paper!

Photography: Nicole Gourley

Photography: Sophie Isabella