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Hot Foil Pressing - What is it?

The magic of foil ✨

There's truly something special about the way foiled stationery catches the light, it adds instant glamour to luxurious stationery.

So, what is foil pressing and how does it work? 

Foil pressing is the application of foil using both heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the surface of the card permanently. When you run your hands over a foil pressed print you'll be able to see and feel a slight indentation of the cards surface giving it a beautiful and tactile finish. This impression is left behind from the impact of the plate onto card.

Check out our behind the scenes production of our Ivy Love Invitation, kindly supplied by Margriet from Pinc Limited. 

1. The digital information is printed onto the card stock

The invitation is printed digitally and then trimmed using a laser to ensure the crop marks are lined up perfectly.

2. The card stock is trimmed, making sure the trim marks line for a perfect edge using a laser line.

3. A metal plate is create specifically for the design. This plate ensures the foil is applied to the specific locations.

Hot Press Foiling Plate custom made for Smitten With Love Ivy Love design.

3. The foiling plate is loaded into the hot press machine, along with the roll of foil (this can be in any colour). This foiling plate is custom to every design that is produced, for example, if an extra comma needs to be added an entirely new plate will be needed.

4. The foiling plate using heat and pressure, hot presses the design onto the card, leaving the designed area on the surface of the invitation permanently.

5. The design is complete and ready to be dispatched to our lovely clients.

Ivy Love Smitten With Love wedding invitation


Pinc is a family owned and operated business based in Auckland. We've grown together over the years since our first launch and the team at Pinc continue to produce our designs with an impeccable finish and with the utmost of care and professionalism.