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Easy Peasy Thank You Cards. P's and Q's Template.


You're back from the honeymoon or you've both finally recovered from your wonderful day and the time has now arrived to write your Thank You cards. It's time to turn those warm fuzzy feelings of gratitude into words of appreciation. If you feel you need a little help or inspiration after penning the first ten, use these suggestions we've prepared to help.

'Dear Ella and Richard,'

'Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding with us.'
'Thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding with your warm wishes.'

Why you're grateful (Gift, attendance or help)
'We love your generous and thoughtful gift.'
'Wow! We are so touched by your generous wedding gift.'
'We hope you enjoyed yourselves.'
'We really appreciated your help and support.'

How you'll use the gift (if appropriate)
'We're looking forward to using it at our next dinner party.'
'The place settings will be used and enjoyed often—and we’ll think of you every time.'
'We love the candlesticks and how they look on our hall table.'

Follow Up
'We can't wait to see you again in October.'

'Lots of Love, Mr and Mrs Smith.'

Much Love,
Kim x
Creative Director and Founder
Smitten With Love