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A Sweet Treat -Vendor Interview with Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Celebrating a fab three years in the biz, Smitten With Love has launched 5 new designs and yes guilty, we've held a birthday week! Who doesn't love birthdays that drag on and on, especially when there's giveaways involved. 

We are so stoked to be collaborating with Rebecca Jane Sugar Art. I meet Rebecca just over 2 and a half years ago. We were at a vendor pre drinks for our very first Wild Hearts Christchurch, a fabulous evening to meet a whole lot of talented an equally lovely people. We got chatting and I was quickly blown away by her beautiful work, (thank you social media for keeping the self employed and locationally isolated in touch). Fast forward to Feb 1st 2020. Rebecca having seen the preview of my upcoming designs created these beautiful works of art inspired by the new stationery. Almost all of her creations survived the photo shoot and I can also guarantee that they taste devilishly good! Bright, colourful, flirtatious and exquisite, she captured the vibe of this new collection.

So I thought it would be pretty cool to get to know Rebecca a little more, about her, what she does and why you should definitely look her up when you're hunting for a sweet treat or wedding cake.

Please introduce yourself and what it is that you do
Hi I'm Rebecca! I love being creative in the kitchen and making edible works of art. I've always loved baking and art so Rebecca Jane Sugar Art is where I can bring those two loves together. I particular love trying out new techniques and creating custom designs for my clients. Sprinkles are a big love for me too and I'm currently preparing to launch my brand of sprinkles, @sugarlipsnz! They're such an easy and fun way to take your baking to the next level. Watch this space! 

Your favourite tools?
My favourite tools in the kitchen would be a good straight cake scraper and palette knife. Having the right tools makes a big difference. 

How would you describe your style?
My style is artistic, colourful, a little bit different. I love flowers, textures, metallics, and unexpected elements that make an impact. 

How can couples order from you and when should they get in touch?
Couples can get in touch via the website or email I work part time around my kids, so only take on one or two orders a week. So I recommend inquiring as soon as possible to check if your date is available. Then we can decide on the details of your design closer to the wedding. 

What's your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasures are eating cake scraps and binging teen dramas on Netflix. No judgement! 

Advice for your 16 year old self?

Advice for my 16yo self would be to stop worrying so much about what other people think. And don't spend all day every day pining over boys! 

Keep in touch with her work here:

Want to taste these babies yourself? Enter our 4th day of Birthday Giveaways - 70 custom cookies made for you by Rebecca! Check out the post here and get your entry in!