A Little Detail That Means A Lot

It’s all the little thoughtful details that reflects you both as a couple during your wedding. You’ve spent a lot of time planning for this day and you have an array of people who are obviously very special to you coming to share in the celebration of your marriage.

How do you acknowledge each and every special person and enjoy your very busy day?

So how does it work? Are you ready for it?

Envelope place cards, it’s that simple. Every person needs to know where to sit, so why not make this one little detail extra special.

Cute little mini envelopes with your guests names adorned on the front and a heartfelt message included inside from you and your groom/bride. This will allow you to personally connect with each and every guest with one thoughtful detail - a detail they can take away with them.


Love is in the details x

Much love,

Founder and Creative Director
Smitten With Love

Photography @lovemiphoto

Photography @lovemiphoto

Kimberley McCone